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STAAR scores are only available in Parent Access.
Score reports for students in grades 3-8 will be sent home after the first day of school.
If you would like a paper copy of your child's Confidential Student Report now, please contact the campus to make one available for you.

Frequently asked questions

Problem:  I lost my password

Answer:  Click on lost password to have your password resent to you.

Problem:  I use AOL and never received my password

Answer:  It seems that AOL is blocking a lot of email from, we recommend that you use an alternative email address such as Gmail or Yahoo

Problem:  I'm having problems with parent access pages and access.

Answer:  The first thing you should do is to use a different computer to try to access parent access.
Please note that the Conroe ISD Technology Department can not help you diagnose problems on your personal computer

Problem:  I clicked on the lost password and never received an email with my password

Answer:  The most common problem here is that you have some type of spam blocker or filter blocking email from Make sure your email account can accept all email from If you still have an issue, re-apply using a different email address.

Problem: If you have applied for a parent access account and have not received your password in your email yet, chances are you are blocking email from conroe isd somehow.  Some common problems reported are spam, bulk and junk mail filters have been marking email from conroe isd and deleting it. must be on your whitelist (or non-spam list) or you will not receive your login information.

Answer: First thing you can do is click on lost password and have your password resent to your email address.  If you still do not receive it, then you need to set your spam, bulk mail or junk mail filter to allow email from  After you have done this click on the lost password link again.  If you still have not received it, you will need to use a different email address. 
You can get free email accounts at Gmail or Yahoo

Problem:  I changed my email address

Answer:  Sign up for a new account

Problem:  After I log in I immediately get a session expired message.

Answer:  You have your browser security settings set to high.  See Microsoft's article here on how to adjust your security settings.

Problem: I can't log in and my email address and password are correct

Answer:  Chances are your browser security settings are set too high.  See Microsoft's article here on how to adjust your security settings.

Problem:  Can I change my password.

Answer:  Yes, Click on the Manage Account Tab to change your password. email address.

Problem:  Can I change the colors?.

Answer:  Yes, Click on the Manage Account Tab to change your font color and your color scheme. email address.


Problem:  Can I delete my account?.

Answer:  Yes, Click on the Manage Account Tab to delete your account. Please note that you will not receive any more grade notification emails if you delete your account. email address.


Data is updated daily. Please contact the campus and or teachers for further information.
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